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Program Malaga Break.


Spanish language lesson

Many young people would like to learn a new language during their gap year. The Spanish language has been the first choice for years. That is not so strange either. Spanish is a real world language and Spain is a wonderful country to stay for a while. During the Malaga Break you and your group will stay in a shared house. In the morning you follow the language lessons and the afternoon is free. We deliberately chose Malaga because this city has the best climate in Europe, so you can go to the beach almost every day after a day of language lessons. The area is also beautiful and there are many beautiful cities in the area.

Exciting excursions &

It's a good place to be in Malaga, but the area is also worth a visit. We make an excursion every week so that you also get to know the region well. We also organize various activities during the week.

Help with study choice?

The Malaga Break is especially for young people who have not (yet) been able to make a study choice. The different environment, the language lessons and also the many new experiences provide you with new insights about yourself; You learn to stand on your own two feet, do your own shopping and cook your own food. This teaches you to make your own choices. We make use of this and together with our expert coaches you get a very good picture of yourself. After six weeks you will receive your own Motivatiekompas certificate and you will go home with your choice of study in your pocket. Really, you too!

Motivation compass

The Motivation Compass is recognized by more and more colleges and universities as a useful tool for study choice check interviews. During these conversations, the prospective student must motivate his or her study choice. We often hear from the Breakers that the period in Malaga and the weekly  coaching contribute to the fact that during these conversations they can explain very well why the relevant choice of study is the right one for them. We are therefore always very proud when we hear from our participants that they have been accepted at the study of their choice!

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