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Do you have a gap year
and do you want to travel?
Over Malaga Break
Keep calm & take a Bali Break

The Bali Break is a special group trip for young people who would like to make a very special trip during their gap year and who have not (yet) been able to make a choice of study. Bali is a wonderful tropical island with a very special culture. You will spend the first four weeks in Ubud where you will start working as a volunteer after an introduction week.  We organize lots of fun activities and exciting excursions every week. What makes this trip very special is that you will move to Canggu after the first four weeks. At the moment this is the Hotspot of Bali. Here you will get surfing lessons and you can go to the beach every day. The Bali Break lasts 6 weeks, but many Breakers stay longer to travel even further, for example. Does this sound like something to you? Register quickly for the Bali Break!


Program Bali Break

Bali Break; tropical gap year journey

During the Bali Break you will stay with your group in a shared house for the first 4 weeks. During the first week you will get to know Bali. You learn a lot about the culture, the food, the language, etc. We therefore regularly travel by van to special places of interest. After this introduction week you will start working as a volunteer. That is usually at a school to give language lessons, but can also be with animals or you can work in construction. This means that you will help paint a school with a group of volunteers, for example.  In the morning you are taken to work and in the afternoon you are often free. You get food three times a day and you sleep in a house where you will also meet many volunteers from other countries. We have chosen to move to Canggu for the last 2 weeks of your trip. Canggu is the hotspot of Bali and here you live together with the Brekers in a guesthouse. You will learn to surf and do many other fun things and because you no longer have to go to work you can enjoy this super fun city 100%. If you decide to stay longer in Bali, that's no problem. 

werken en leren surfen op Bali

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Bali Break a leg

It is good to live in Bali. It is enchantingly beautiful and you are really in a different culture. During our excursions we visit various temples and of course all other beautiful places in Bali.  We make an excursion every week so that you get to know the island well. We also regularly organize various activities during the week. It is therefore not surprising that many Breakers decide to stay longer. 

Bali Break affordable?

The Bali Break lasts 6 weeks and cost 3185 euro. For this you will receive room and board in Ubud for the first 4 weeks. You live in a volunteer house where you will meet many other volunteers. We guide you to your volunteer work and the guidance is available 24/7. After four weeks in Ubud you move to a hostel in Canggu. Here the Breakers will learn to surf and follow various workshops.  Of course there is also a lot of time to go to the beach. Our Bali Break guide lives in Canggu. She knows the area well and will do all kinds of fun things with you. Do you have other talents that you would like to use more? The Bali Break is the ideal time to get started. Let us know and we will look for a good teacher! 


Help with study choice?

The Bali Break is especially for young people who have not (yet) been able to make a study choice. The different environment, the work as a volunteer and also the many new experiences provide you with new insights about yourself and teach you to stand on your own two feet. This also teaches you to make your own choices. We make use of this and together with our expert coaches you get a very good picture of yourself. The study coaching takes place online. You make an appointment with the coach every week. You will learn a lot about yourself, you will practice the study check interview and we will look up the open days and addresses of  the study of your choice for you. After six weeks you will receive your own Motivatiekompas certificate and you have made your choice of study. Really, you too!


Motivation Compass certificate

The Motivatiekompas certificate is recognized by more and more colleges and universities as a useful tool for study choice check interviews. During these conversations, the prospective student must motivate his or her study choice. We often hear from the Breakers that the period in Bali and the weekly coaching help them to explain very well during these conversations why the study choice in question is the right one for them. We are therefore always very proud when we hear from our participants that they have been accepted at the study of their choice!

If you get the hang of it after 6 weeks and want to stay longer, that's no problem. Many Breakers decide on the spot to travel even further together and because we know the way well, we can give you all kinds of travel tips. If you want to make several Break trips during your gap year, we offer great combination discounts. check:

Boost your Break


Accommodation & departure dates

* Ubud 

During the first 4 weeks of the Bali Break you will live in a volunteer house in Ubud. From here you will be taken to work and brought home every day. Here you will meet volunteers from all over the world. You get a meal three times a day and you learn during these 3 weeks how beautiful it is to become part of Bali through work. You learn a lot about yourself and about the culture of Bali. At the end of this period you will receive the internationally recognized Volunteer certificate.

The last 2 weeks the Breakers live on the outskirts of Canggu. Canggu has a very hip center and in recent years has become known as the Surfing Mecca of Bali. To go to the center we advise to take a taxi. They are very affordable. When you step out of your apartmentare you sitting right in the vibrant Balinese life. There are many nice and trendy beach clubs where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks. And because the weather is nice almost all year round, you can often find the Breakers here.

* Cangu

Planning Travels

Safe the Dates

We offer the Bali Break during the following periods:

01 - 09 - 2023  through  12 - 10 - 2023

15 - 10 - 2023  through  26 - 11 - 2023

01 - 12 - 2023  through  11 - 01 - 2024

15 - 01 - 2023  through  26 - 02 - 2024

01 - 03 - 2024  through  11 - 04 - 2024

15 - 04 - 2024  through  27 - 05 - 2024

01 - 06 - 2024  through  12 - 07 - 2024

Do you have a gap year and do you want to travel? 

Do you want to travel even more during your gap year? Many Breakers combine their Bali Break with, for example, the Bonaire Break or the Surinam Break. In that case we offer very interesting combi discounts,

Our team

Harm Jan van Dijk, directeur Bali Break

Harm Jan van Dyke

Founder Bali Break

Marit, studiekeuze coach Bali Break.jpg

Marit Kloosterziel

Online study coach

Selma, begeleidster Bali Break.jpg


Bali Break supervisor

Ons team

Isabel, 18 years old

My Bali break was one of the nicest things I've ever experienced. I also advise everyone to do something like this. I have given English language lessons to children. I made many friends and gained many new experiences. I will miss Bali very much.

Roland, 17

It was very special to be part of life in Bali. Through the work in construction I also got to know many other volunteers. It is certainly intensive because you are suddenly with so many people, but above all it is great fun. You also make new friendships.

Esther, 18 years old

I really had a great time!! It has been a month where you, but also with the others, make memories for life. I have visited many places and learned a lot. Canggu really is a top spot! In short; really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. 

Some experiences:



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